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   Microsoft CRM Mobile
CRM Mobile
  Microsoft CRM Mobile. Runs on the mobile device. Users can view and enter data related to relevant accounts, contacts, opportunities, and activities when the mobile device is disconnected. When corporate network access is available, data on the mobile device can be synchronized with data in Microsoft CRM.
      Typical Usage: Microsoft CRM Mobile can be used while travelling, for example:
  • Before leaving the office, a salesperson synchronizes the mobile device with Microsoft CRM. All subscribed information is now ready to travel with you.

  • While travelling, a salesperson updates information related to customers  accounts and opportunities, and notes required follow-up activities.

  • While travelling with a Pocket PC Phone Edition device, a salesperson calls a contact by tapping and holding a phone number.

  • Back at the office, or anywhere the salesperson has access to a computer with virtual private network (VPN) access to the corporate network and a Microsoft ActiveSync connection with the device, the salesperson synchronizes the mobile device with Microsoft CRM, and uses Microsoft CRM on the desktop or laptop to complete any follow-up activities.

  Following are screenshots of the Microsoft CRM Mobile user interface on a Pocket PC:
                                         (Click image for larger View).

CRM in Programs Menu

CRM Login

CRM Home Page

Account List

Account Record

Account-Related Menu

Subscription Settings

Synchronization Log

Related Record Settings



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