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1. Microsoft CRM Overview                                                                                       

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Microsoft CRM help increase sales success, deliver superior customer service, and make  informed, agile business decisions. Accessible from Microsoft Outlook®, the Web, and Mobile PDA. Microsoft CRM is easy to use,  customize, and maintain, integrates with other business systems, and scales to grow along with your business.



2. Microsoft CRM Sales                                                                                              

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Microsoft Outlook client: Work online or offline through Microsoft Outlook, with synchronized access to full sales functionality.

Microsoft CRM Mobile client:
Runs on the mobile device. Users can view and enter data related to relevant accounts, contacts, opportunities, and activities when the mobile device is disconnected.

Complete customer view: View all contact and account information and history from a central location, including customer service records.

Information sharing: Tightly integrated functionality make it easy to share information across departments.

Leads and Opportunity management: Automate leads routing and escalation, convert leads to opportunities, and track and manage opportunities through the sales cycle.

Sales process management: Automate stages in the selling process to track and close sales efficiently and consistently.

Product catalogue: Create a full-featured product catalogue that includes complex pricing levels, units of measure, discounts, and pricing options.

Order management: Easily convert quotes to orders, and then modify and save orders until they are ready to be submitted and invoiced.

Quotas: Measure employee sales performance against individual goals.

Reports: Forecast sales, identify top opportunities and customers, and evaluate trends with robust reporting tools.

Sales literature: Maintain a searchable library of sales literature that can be used online or offline.

Territory management: Create sales territories and manage territory-based processes with workflow rules and reports.

Competitor tracking: Analyse competitor performance and maintain a library of articles on competitor activity.

Correspondence and mail merge: Customizable templates make it easy to create and send e-mail to targeted prospects and customer groups. Create and send print communications using Microsoft Word Mail Merge.


3. Microsoft CRM Customer Service                                                             

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Case management: Create, assign, and easily manage cases for customer service requests. Manage actions and communications for each case from a central location.

Complete view of accounts: View all accounts, including sales and order information, to identify top customers and better understand specific customer needs.

Automated routing and queuing: Workflow rules let you automatically route service requests and cases to the appropriate representative or to queues for resolution, escalation, or reassignment.

Searchable knowledge base: Publish support articles and other relevant support information to a searchable knowledge base.

Service contracts: Easily create and maintain service contracts. When a support case is resolved, relevant contract information is updated automatically.

Auto-response e-mail: Generate auto-response e-mail to customer requests.

E-mail management: Maintain an accurate record of customer-related communications. Automated tracking of e-mails that associates those mails with appropriate customer records.


4. Microsoft CRM Customisation                                                                                               

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CUSTOMIZE AND SCALE EASILY: Modify the user interface and workflow processes, customize the solution to fit your business, and scale the installation to meet changing needs


5. Microsoft CRM Integration                                                                                                      

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Sales and Customer Service: Sales and customer service capabilities integrate tightly, making it easy to share information across the business.

Microsoft Outlook: Salespeople can use Microsoft Outlook to work online and offline with access to full sales functionality.

Microsoft Office: Integration with Microsoft Office lets users create print communications using Microsoft Word Mail Merge, as well as export data to Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Financial Management: Microsoft CRM integrates easily with Microsoft ERP Management (Great Plain ver 7.5/8.0). Key data mapping includes accounts, contacts, product catalogue, orders, and price lists.

Third-party applications and Web services: Microsoft CRM functionality can be exposed through platform APIs for integration with third-party applications and Web services.




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